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Our coca

We make Coca de Folgueroles® with the finest 100% natural ingredients in order to prepare a distinctive product of quality.

100% natural and fresh
Lactose-free and egg-free
Without colouring and preservatives

Coca de Folgueroles 500gm

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Coca de Folgueroles® is a sugar-free artisan baker's bread that is an excellent complement to fine dishes and modern restaurant cuisine, and also as a starting point for the creativity of chefs.

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28,00 € tax incl.

  • 5 units
  • 8 units

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We make our coca the traditional way, with flour, water, salt, olive oil and natural yeast, without preservatives and additives, using slow fermentation and only the best ingredients.

We make Coca de Folgueroles® every day and deliver it to our clients in excellent condition, with a crunchy crust and spongy crumb.
An excellent choice for today's restaurants and catering services.

You can use Coca de Folgueroles® on its own, toasted, with spread tomato or as a base for all kinds of snacks.

- Variety: in various sizes
- Versatility: different ways to use our coca, on its own or as a base
- Easy preparation
- Each coca is equivalent to about 16 rations
- Little or no wastage
- You can freeze your coca
- Flexible delivery service